Each occupant has a special welcome on board the PEUGEOT EXALT, whether the driver or a passenger.

PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®


The PEUGEOT i-COCKPIT®® delivers an intense driving experience dedicated to enjoyment. The small wheel trimmed in leather and “chiné”, a natural wool-based mixed fabric, and the digital instrument panel are intuitively arranged in front of the driver for improved operation and reading. On the extended centre console, two folding touch screens emerge from the dashboard. The upper screen gives access to the on-board computer and the Hi-Fi and navigation systems. The second screen presents a permanently visible control bar to provide access to the automatic air conditioning and the Pure Blue system. To enhance the driving experience, nine Toggle Switches are located on the dashboard, evocative in their design of the world of music. The driver is free to associate Toggle Switches with functions, as desired. He can have a centralised control on command and drive more carefully. 



The remarkable acoustic comfort achieved leaves you to discover an array of materials – natural wool-based “chiné” mixed fabric, aged leather, bare steel and ebony – used to finish the cabin. This high-end variety of wood is adorned with a unique design created by the trio PINWU Design.

The bucket seats made of composite material associate seat squabs and backrest in natural wool-based “chiné” mixed fabric with the side areas in aged leather. Steel remains bare in all areas where it does not come into contact with the bodies of the four occupants. At the elbows and arm contact points, EXALT is trimmed in warm toned wood. From the bottom of the windows, it gives way to a natural wool-based “chiné” mixed fabric used to trim the door panels, the dashboard and the interior roof. Between these two materials, a strip made by 3D printing conceals the speakers of the Hi-Fi system. Its structure draws inspiration from anechoic chambers where the dihedral partitions reduce acoustic interference.