• 汽車車身有時難免出現划痕和輕微凹痕。
  • 標緻PEUGEOT 受過專門培訓的技術人員是車身修理技術方面的專家。
  • 我們使用認可的工具,為客人的愛車提供高質素的維修及最強的防銹保護。




標緻PEUGEOT 的嚴格標準成就高品質工藝。在整個維修過程中,我們專業的車身技術人員隊伍會使用特定的工具和原廠零件,並仔細進行質量保證檢查,確保維修質素符合嚴格標準。




原廠零件與出廠時的零件有相同的標準和測試規格。標緻PEUGEOT 原廠零件以合適而且高品質的材料製造,使閣下的車輛更可靠和安全。


L’alliance qualité, prix et performance

Parce que votre véhicule prend de l’âge, vous recherchez toujours le juste équilibre entre prix et performance pour son entretien. Nos experts Peugeot recommandent la gamme de pièces multimarques Eurorepar. 25% moins chères que les pièces d’origine, les pièces Eurorepar permettent un budget mieux maîtrisé sans concession sur la qualité. 


Avec le choix des pièces Eurorepar, vous bénéficiez :

- D’une prestation de qualité

- De pièces garanties 2 ans

SUSTAINera parts from the Circular Economy

Sustainability, Affordability and Quality without any compromise.


Throughout the full vehicle life cycle (from the design/production to the end of life), we have developed a comprehensive 360-degree business aligned with the circular economy principles and based on the 4R Strategy: REMAN, REPAIR, REUSE, RECYCLE.


With 2 main objectives:

  • 1) Extend Product Lifespan (by remanufacturing, repairing, reusing)
  • 2) Return Material to the production Loop (by recycling)


In this way we limit the environmental impact by:

  • Reducing the demand of new raw materials and the use of finite natural resources
  • Reducing waste and pollution
  • Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions


Peugeot offers a range of SUSTAINera Parts & Accessories to maintain your vehicle and act on carbon footprint by reducing raw material waste. 


SUSTAINera delivers the quality and performance Peugeot owners expect, but at a competitive price compared to new genuine parts, and with a lower impact on the planet’s resources.